Yoga and massage

Why not book a Yoga class, or Massage, to experience total relaxation of body and mind during your holiday? To book, simply email

Yoga classes

Feeling Italy yoga classes

Tailored to suit both total beginners, and those who already practise Yoga, our sessions are taught by Angela, a fully qualified Yoga instructor. She will guide and assist you carefully, to ensure correct and safe alignment in every pose.

Each Yoga Experience starts with a series of exercises to warm the body. You will feel tension and stress just melting away as you gently ease into each position (Asanas). Angela will help you to explore breathing techniques (Pranayama), before finishing with a final relaxation of the entire body (Savasana).

Book now to experience the timeless regenerative benefits of Yoga, established and developed over thousands of years - and return home spiritually, mentally and physically relaxed.

Each class lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The price per lesson depends upon the number of people in each class.

Private lesson (1 to 1): €50.00

2 people: €25.00 per person

3 people: €20.00 per person

4+ people: €15.00 per person


Massage during your Sorrento villa stay

Our fully trained masseuse will smooth away any muscular tightness or tension, leaving you blissfully relaxed.

Simply select from the following options:

Massage Duration Description Price
Relaxing Massage  50 min Designed to relax the muscles and nervous system, whilst stimulating lymphatic circulation. Ease tensions and bring the body to a state of inner well-being. 40 Euros
Facial Massage 30 min Help your skin to appear smoother and more radiant. This massage will activate your circulation and improve skin tone.  30 Euro
Connective Tissue Massage 70 min This deep vigorous massage will relax the muscles, giving greater joint mobility, and increasing blood flow to the tissues. 50 Euro
Massage with Essential Oils 50 min A blissful massage, designed to stimulate the senses and balance the soul, through the aromas and active ingredients of essential oils  40 Euro
Citrus Sorrentini Massage 50 min This massage uses the natural products of our region to correct imbalances and stimulate the system. Lemon is used for acne-prone skin, or for dull complexions. Orange is perfect for more delicate skin, that is sensitive or dehydrated. 40 Euro
Classic Back Massage 30 min A back massage to allow you to fully relax, focusing on relieving muscle tension from the back, shoulders and neck. 30 Euro
Reflexology  30 min  A massage of the soles of the feet, reflexology stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminates blockages and harmonises energies.  30 Euro
Thai massage 50 min This massage consists of two elements. Chinese acupressure, or stimulation of specific energy points, and assisted stretches inspired by Indian yoga. The objective is to free the body, to achieve a state of emotional and spiritual lightness and elevation.  50 Euro
Shiro Abhyanga. Ayurvedic head massage 45 min This scalp massage is performed with carefully selected oils to nourish your hair, relax your mind and release tension in the head, neck and upper back. 40 Euro
Marma Abhyanga. The Ayurvedic massage of energy points 60 min This massage improves blood and lymph circulation, facilitating the elimination of toxins. It is also a powerful positive influence on the state of mind, balancing hormonal levels whilst relieving anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and poor digestion. 50 Euro